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Who is DJ Sophia?


DJ Sophia had an interest in becoming a dj at a very young age. Her father , DJ Delite, started exposing Sophia to hip hop culture from birth. He has over 20yrs of dj experience and knowledge. She began experimenting with deejaying when she was about 18 months old. Basically, when she was old enough to start manipulating the equipment. She was a natural! She initially liked scratching and talking on the microphone. Over the years, with guidance from her father, she started doing various events locally and out of state. Now at eleven years of age, she continues to excite her audience, young and old. Sophia loves being active in school and is an honor roll student. She loves to play outside with her friends and can often be found making arts and crafts. She also takes dance classes weekly. Sophia enjoys spending time with her family and pets. She loves her two dogs Penny and Hazel. She also has a bird named Blue, and a guinea pig named Oreo.

Intellectual & Passionate


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Dj Sophia (Sway in the Morning) Live

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